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MG8946level transmitter(Solid)

● MG8946

● MG8946S

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● MG8946

● MG8946S

Measurement accuracy:±3mm

Blind area:50mm

Frequency: 24~25GHz

Measuring range:350~100000mm


Temperature range: -40~250℃

Pressure range: 0~0.4MPa

Explosion proof certification: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

The high frequency dual core processing technology makes the echo signal processing faster and more reliable.  

Measuring range 100m,The range is suitable for large and harsh conditions Fast starting mode of self guided 24GHzThe excellent surface reflection properties of the solid are provided.

The sight is to improve the quality of the signal of the solid surface tilt The use of infrared safety or special programming programmer Sturdy shell, flange and horn element. It is not affected by the atmosphere or temperature conditions in the container.

A large range of dust applications, cement dust, fly ash silo, pulverized coal, grain, plastic powder, alumina powder silo, etc

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