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Measurement precision ratio: 1.5 (special type 1)

Material: 316LSST, 304SST, 316SST, lining PTFE, alloy steel and others.

Lightning protection device: meet EN6100044 (GB/T17626.4) and severity level 4

EN6100045 (GB/T17626.2) severity level 4 requirements

Certification of explosion-proof: Certification

FM accreditation of the American Industrial Association

CEX flameproof

CEI explosion-proof

IEI IS international Mechatronics Commission

CSA Canadian Standards Association accreditation

GR GOST authentication

The scene shows: the instantaneous flow shows the numerical range: 0~50000, and the cumulative flow shows the numerical range: 0~99999999.

Range ratio: 10:1 (special type 20:1)

Medium viscosity: DN15 = 5mPa.s (F15.0 ~ F15.4), or 30mPa.s (F15.5 ~ F15.9)

DN25: = 250mPa.s, DN50 = 300mPa.s ~ DN150.

Process pressure: DN15 to DN50 PN4.0MPa (special type 16MPa), DN80 to DN100 PN1.6MPa (special type 11MPa).

Factory seal: original factory seal

Protection grade: IP65/IP68

Overall height: 250mm (standard type), other installation methods exceptions.

It is used to measure the flow rate of liquid, gas and steam, especially for low flow and low flow rate.

Measurement. The local indication and remote transmission can be selected, and the circuit is designed by intelligent module.

Out of 4 ~ 20mA analog signal and HART protocol digital signal.

[product characteristics]

1. modular combination design, convenient maintenance, normal use, no maintenance.

2. uniaxial and non-contact new magnetic coupling structure, signal transmission is more stable.

3. double row and large screen LCD display instantaneous and cumulative traffic, and can bring backlight.

4. intelligent type has functions of power failure protection, data backup and recovery.

5. all metal structure, anti-seismic, pressure resistant, temperature resistant, anti-corrosion.

6. short stroke, total height 250mm, design and installation more convenient

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