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● MG9600

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● MG9600

Temperature: -40 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 400 DEG C)

Humidity: relative humidity 0100%

Process pressure: 0 ~ 160bar (0 ~ 16MPa)

The accuracy of measurement is: liquid: the value of measurement is + 1% (ordinary), + 0.5% (special).

Gas: the measured value is + 1%, compensatory type 1.5%

Material: 316LSST, 304SST, 316SST, alloy steel and others.

Factory seal: original factory seal

Protection grade: IP67/IP68

Sensor seal: graphite gasket, other

Pressure level: PN25/PN40 ANSI 300LB/600LB (high voltage special request).

Caliber: DN15 ~ 300 1/2 "~ 12"

Explosion proof certification: FM American Industrial Association certification

CEX flameproof

CEI explosion-proof

IEI IS international Mechatronics Commission

CSA Canadian Standards Association accreditation

GR GOST authentication

Connection mode: clamped DN15 to DN15 0 flange type DN15 to DN30 0.

The vortex frequency is generated to measure the flow of fluid.


1. aseismic type: vortex flowmeter is designed by advanced sensor to eliminate the influence of external vibration.

2. intelligent scene through manual rehabilitation, bar or hand operator to modify the instrument

Table parameter and meter range;

3. high accuracy: less than 1% of the value of measurement of liquid;

The measurement of gas / steam is not more than 1% of the value;

4. way is: the instantaneous flow and accumulative flow of the tested medium.

5. communication mode: HART communication protocol, RS485;

6. can achieve high temperature 400 C / high pressure 25MPa;

7. compensation type: MG9600T/R can bring temperature and pressure compensation function.

8. the parts of the connection part are movable, durable and maintenance free.

Aseismic type: vortex flowmeter is designed by advanced sensor.

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