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● MG9510

● MG9520

● MG9530

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● MG9510

● MG9520

● MG9530

The process of ordinary rubber lining temperature: -4 ~ 176 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 80 DEG C) PTFE liner -22 ~ 302 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 to 150 DEG C)

Humidity: relative humidity 0100% universal gauge pressure

Process pressure: 0 ~ 160bar (0 ~ 16MPa)

The accuracy of measurement is: pipe type + 0.2% + 1%, insert + 2.5%.

Electrode material: 316L, Hastelloy, Pt iridium alloy, titanium, tantalum and tungsten carbide.

Factory seal: original factory seal

Protection grade: IP67/IP68

Sensor seal: graphite gasket, other

Pressure level: PN25/PN40 ANSI 300LB/600LB (high voltage special request).

Insert type connection: flange type DN10 ~ DN3200 = DN200

Caliber: Dn10 ~ 2600 1/2 "~ 12"

Explosion proof certification: FM American Industrial Association certification

CEX flameproof

CEI explosion-proof

IEI IS international Mechatronics Commission

CSA Canadian Standards Association accreditation

GR GOST authentication

1. the measurement results are independent of physical parameters such as velocity distribution, fluid pressure, temperature, density, viscosity and so on.

2. there is no movable choke component in the pipeline. There is no additional pressure loss.

3. high resolution backlit LCD display with Chinese dish single operation, convenient use, simple operation easy.

The core of the 4. converter is high-speed central processor, which has high computation speed, high accuracy and low frequency rectangular wave excitation.

High measurement stability and low power consumption.

5. the full digital processing has strong anti-interference ability. The measurement is reliable and the accuracy is high.

6. ultra low EMl switching power supply. The power supply voltage varies greatly. It is good for EMC.

7. EEPROM memory is used, and there is no power down clock inside, which can record the power down time and measure the data.

The storage and protection is safe and reliable.

8. bidirectional measurement system, which can measure forward traffic and reverse traffic.

9. password lock function. If the flowmeter is electrified, if you want to set parameters, you must enter the password to operate.

10. converter has self diagnosis and alarm output function, and the air load detection and alarm output.

11. plug-in mechanism. Install professional. Without flow, field opening pressure (below lMPa) installation, economy

It is suitable for measuring the flow of large and medium diameter pipes.

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