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● MG9400

● MG9410

● MG9420

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● MG9400

● MG9410

● MG9420

Ambient temperature: -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 85 DEG C)

Storage temperature: -40 ~ 185 (-40 ~ 85 C)

Temperature: -58 to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 to 650 DEG C)

Humidity: relative humidity 0100%

Process pressure: 0 ~ 420bar (0 ~ 42MPa)

Measurement accuracy: 1.5 (special type 1)

Material: 316LSST, 304SST, 316SST, carbon steel, alloy steel and others.

Factory seal: original factory seal

Protection grade: IP65

Pressure fetching method: angle fetching pressure and flange pressure

Pressure level: PN25/PN40 ANSI 300LB/600LB (high voltage special request).

Process connection: D N 50 ~ DN500

Range ratio: 15:1 (special type 20:1)

Measure the flow of liquid, steam, and gas

[product characteristics]

1. the structure is simple and firm, and its performance is stable and reliable, and the service life is long and the price is long.

Low level;

2. nozzle flowmeter is widely applied, and the single-phase flow can be measured.

The mixed phase flow can also be applied.

3. the standard throttle device can be put into operation without real flow calibration.

4. intelligent standard nozzle can display cumulative flow and instantaneous flow at the same time.

Pressure and temperature;

5. high static pressure: 40MPa, neglecting temperature and static pressure.

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