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● MG9300

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● MG9300

Accuracy: better than 1% reading (calibration)

Repeatability: 0.2% readings

Pressure loss: the measurement of differential pressure is about 1/5 (about 1/3 of orifice plate).

Suitable media: all kinds of liquids, gases and steam, especially for slurry fluid, sewage, fuel oil, residue and heavy oil.

The application range of Reynolds number is 6500~1 x 10. When measured at low Reynolds number, the relative degree of range is relatively narrow, and the uncertainty of outflow coefficient is relatively large.

Minimum liquid viscosity: 500mPa.s

Medium pressure resistance: below 5MPa (higher special inquiry)

Medium temperature resistance: less than 400 C (higher special)

The applicable diameter is DN15 mm to DN300 mm.

Wedge ratio: H/D:0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5

Long term stability: + 0.2%F.S/Y

1. low permanent pressure loss

2. optional one mounted transmitter

3. measurement for volume flow

4. the whole structure is strong and durable

5. excellent long-term stability

6. capacity of two-way flow measurement

7. for any working condition, we can choose the caliber and wedge ratio of the flowmeter flexibly, so as not to shrink or enlarge the diameter.

8. compared with other flowmeters, it can measure low Reynolds number fluid.

9. throttling member has a rectifying and redistributing effect on the fluid, and the straight pipe section is low.

10. excellent accuracy and repeatability

11. the accuracy of calibration is up to + 0.5% (Reynolds number > 500), and the repeatability is 0.2%.

Flow rate ratio: 10:1 (DP range ratio 100:1)

Repeatability: + 0.1%

Reynolds number: minimum Re:1.2 x 10

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