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● MG9110

● MG9120

● MG9130

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● MG9110

● MG9120

● MG9130

Ambient temperature: -22 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 85 DEG C)

Storage temperature: -22 ~ 185 (-40 ~ 85 C)

Temperature: -40 to 1112 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 600 DEG C)

Humidity: relative humidity 0100% lattice

Process pressure: measurement performance from 0 to 500bar (0 to 50MPa)

Precision: actual flow rate of + 1%

Material: 316LSST, 304SST, 316SST, carbon steel, alloy steel and others.

Factory seal: original factory seal

Caliber: DN50 ~ 8000

Flow rate ratio: 10:1 (DP range ratio 100:1)

Repeatability: + 0.1%

Reynolds number: minimum Re:1.2 x 10

Process control and measurement in the fields of gold, electric power, heating and water supply.

throttle device is simple and stable, with stable and reliable performance and long service life.

2.a wide range of applications, all single-phase flow can be measured, part of the miscible flow can also be applied.

3.the standard throttle device can be put into operation without real flow calibration.

4.the first kind of orifice plate installation is simpler, without the pressure tube, and it can directly connect the differential pressure transmitter and the pressure transmitter.

5.the high performance intelligent differential pressure transmitter is used.

6.high accuracy, perfect self diagnostic function, intelligent performance differential pressure transmitter. can display cumulative traffic, instantaneous flow rate, pressure and temperature at the same time. has the functions of online and dynamic full compensation, and also has self diagnosis and self setting range. equipped with a variety of communication interfaces.

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